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Toon Aerts is coming this weekend, only one time in action

Leader in the wereldbekerstand of cyclo-cross, Toon Aerts, will this weekend just a cross drive. The Berencross of Meulebeke, on Saturday, let the winner of the last two world cup races in America (Waterloo and Iowa City), left. Aerts starts Sunday in Ronse where the GP Mario De Clercq will take place. Both crosses come under the heading of Brico-Crosses, and are thus ‘single career’.

“I have two weeks in America was and am only since Tuesday back. The time and the long trip to hang definitely still in my clothes and therefore I anyway for the Berencross of Meulebeke. I want to be as long as possible to recover to be good for the game on Sunday in Ronse”, said Toon Aerts.

“I have there in America, of course, a great experience her. I won two wereldbekercrossen. Both in Waterloo and in Iowa City I got to zegegebaar. That had, of course, I never expected. Beforehand I had heard that Mathieu van der Poel would not tend to America, and so I knew that I have a number of points more would be able to gather the state of the world cup than expected. But that I the maximum of dots (2×80, ed.) would get was beyond all expectations. I will try this week as much as possible to rest and see where I come in Ronse. For the weekend, am I going to be still a bit in limbo. For the Rapencross of Lokeren on Saturday October 13, I still have no contract. Perhaps that’s there. But first, as much as possible and rest until Sunday”, gave Aerts.


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