This is the reason that Tom Cruise daughter Suri even still do not see

Tom Cruise

According to the source, the Mission Impossible actor, his 12-year-old daughter ten days per month are allowed to see, but he chooses himself not to do that. “Because Suri is not a member of the Scientology church.”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced in 2012 after six years of marriage, with Katie the custody of her daughter was. According to Tony Ortega, the writer and critic of the Scientology church, she would have the custody, be enforced in exchange for a zwijgovereenkomst, in which she promised nothing bad about the church to say. “They wanted to leave and she wanted Suri to take with you.” Something that Nicole Kidman, who was with Tom Cruise was married didn’t work; they had their two adopted children Connor and Isabella, when Tom and the church leave.

In 2013, Cruise for the last time together spotted with daughter Suri. What Katie is concerned that would be fine, says Ortega, afraid if she is Suri ever have to lose. “We were hoping that they eventually agreed would say it, but she loves her life with Suri like it as it is now. She wants no conflict with the church.”

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