“The white House has, after FBI investigation confidence in that Kavanaugh be appointed’

It seems that the Us Senate was this weekend, will report on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as a judge in the U.s. Supreme court. The White House is sure of his piece, after reading the FBI file.

Republican senator Mitch McConnell on Wednesday submitted a motion to which the debates on the case of Kavanaugh Friday would be closed. From Saturday can be tuned.

The FBI has conducted a study to Kavanaugh, after that by several of the women was accused of sexual harassment. American president Donald Trump gave the officers a week to the research.

Meanwhile, the White House has the report of the FBI received. The Senaatsleden got to 2.30 am, a summary of the calls sent to you. According to the White House shows the FBI investigation an ” unprecedented look at the candidate.

“This research is the latest addition in the most comprehensive research ever to a judge of the Supreme court’, says White House spokesman Raj Shah. “The screening consists of extensive interviews, multiple conversations, 1.200 questions answered and a file of half a million pages,” says the White House. “With this information, the Senate certainly for the appointment of Kavanaugh votes.’ Trump has so confident that there is nothing in the FBI’s study is that Kavanaugh can hurt.

It is still unclear what information from the report made public. There is, however, feared for selective leaks.


The criticism on Kavanaguh swells currently. Senator Dianne Feinstein is complaining Wednesday that the FBI still has not spoken with Kavanaugh itself or with Christine Blasey Ford, who last week publicly testified about the abuse. Also other witnesses such as Deborah Ramirez were still not questioned.

In the meantime, about 900 American professors in an open letter published in which she calls to Kavanaugh not to appoint. His testimony last week at a public hearing shows that he was not on the “court temperament” has to be the judge at the Supreme court, what it sounds like.

Also within the Republican party, a growing dissatisfaction with the patronising way in which president Trump Ford imitated during a speech in Mississippi.

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