The netherlands points, four Russian spies out after a foiled cyber attack

The Dutch intelligence service has a Russian weiter frustrated. Reports that the Dutch minister of Defence. It was an attack on the OPCW in The Hague, the organization against the proliferation of chemical weapons.

The operation was the work of the Russian military intelligence, the GROe, says minister Ank Bijleveld.

The weiter took place on 13 april. The Russians would have tried to get the wi-fi network of the OPCW to hack. The OPCW is an organization that it ensures that no chemical weapons deployment. So she has to attack with chemical weapons in Syria investigated and the poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, in England, examined.

On the same day of the cyber attack, the Netherlands has four Russian intelligence officers expelled. Possible, they tried also to get insight in the investigation of the MH17 disaster. That passagiersvlucht was in 2014 over Ukraine shot down. Everything points in the direction of pro-Russian rebels.

The tetrad was on april 10, the Netherlands received, in the possession of large amounts of cash: $ 20,000 and $ 20,000. During the press conference shown in the photo’s is their arrival at the Amsterdam airport Schiphol. An employee of the Russian embassy went to meet them there. On april 13, parked car with specialized hackingtools outside the headquarters of the OPCW. When fingering the Dutch antiterreureenheden in.

Western democracies are undermining

Bijleveld did the unveiling at a press conference with the head of the Military Intelligence and Security service, Onno Eichelsheim, and the British ambassador Peter Wilson. ‘Russia must stop these operations, ” said minister.

Russia is doing the accusations as fantasies.

Thursday morning was the Uk government announced that, according to her, the Russian service behind cyber-attacks is on companies in Russia and Ukraine, the U.s. Democratic party, an English tv station and on the computers of the anti-doping agency WADA. Russia would try to get western democracies to undermine. ‘They are trying elections in other countries to undermine and influence’, said the British Foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt.

The British authorities received acclaim from allies Australia and New Zealand. The Australian government claimed that Russian forces and Groups are guilty of ‘malicious cyberactiviteiten’.

EU leaders Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk speak of an aggressive act. “Such actions undermine international law and international institutions.’

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