Still problems to the food and help to spread in Sulawesi

A week after the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was struck by a tsunami, some areas still closed off from the outside world. That is to say workers on the spot. Because of the poor state of the roads, it is difficult to the thousands of homeless people of food and help.

After the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday was hit by an earthquake, are all to eur 1,411 victims buried. Most of them were killed by the tsunami and the tidal waves that the earthquake followed. More than 10,000 people have become homeless.

Meanwhile, the aid from abroad-ahead: the United Nations pledged 15 million dollars to help, the Red Cross promised 22 million dollars, and the first relief supplies from Great Britain and Australia would Thursday the island.

Thousands of people were sitting almost a week after the disaster, however, still without food, so the past few days also regularly shops were attacked. According to Ishak Salim, who are on-the-spot works for the Dutch aid organization Cordaid, meanwhile, improvement is noticeable, but there are still people who have no help have been given.

“Lack of vehicles”

“There is a lack of vehicles to help the people to get,” says Salim. “Therefore, we are now looking for trucks and other vehicles that we can rent.’

By damage to the roads, a number of regions, however, are still unattainable, confirms Salim. ‘It involves, among others, Lindu, Kulawi, South Kulawi, and Pipikoro. Help will go to those regions to be conducted by helicopter.’

There are also two large machinery deployed to the road between Palu, where the airport is, and the hard-hit region of Donggala. All the relief supplies that are now in the warehouses, are also divided over the local points.

Meanwhile, some banks also opened under police and military protection, and different service stations are re-supplied. So people can with their mopeds to go in search of help. The government encourages the stores to – with monitoring – again, to open the doors.

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