Staf Coppens learn to hypnotize and shows a natural talent

How magical is science actually? Staff and Mathias get the magic in themselves to the top and try the unexplainable to explain.

It is able to in someone’s head, to crawl and to do what you want? Hypnosis would people do the craziest things to do. But does that work really? Tophynotiseur Jo De Rijck gives the Staff a crash course and teaches him the tricks of the trade. Mathias acts as a subject but is not immediately impressed. With knees attracts Staff, but in the Netherlands the streets as one of the most famous hypnotists of Flanders. Staff appears to be a natural talent. If it doesn’t, he lets people on the ground to stick and their voice losses. Jo and Mathias believe their own eyes!

Can a Chinese vase, a fall of more than 10 meters high to survive? And you can baseballen with an egg without wrecking it? The brothers experiment with a black spray that makes everything unbreakable.
With a hammer on glass without it being in millions of pieces of spatter. It seems impossible. Mathias and Staff prove that it could. They melt a drop from a glass rod and let him in cold water. The result is their own Rupert’s drop. They notice very quickly that the cast-iron glass is a fragile tail.

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