Sandra van Nieuwland leave after dip again

Sandra van Nieuwland

Van Nieuwland became famous in the program the way in which they own turn gave to well-known covers. She was the first Dutch artist to ever have three singles simultaneously in the top ten of the Top 40. Her father warned her that she even after the program had to ensure that they beld continued. “But I could not and would not. It was just as good. I had to relax, recharge, and myself to give some space.”

After her success in The Voice – she was in 2012 in the semi-final turned off, when coach Trijntje Oosterhuis Leona Philippo above her chose – she was in a madhouse visit, ” she says. “It was insane. Everyone assumed that I was great felt thanks to the success. But I had just been divorced and was with a great sadness and loss.”

She wanted to be then actually in the last two years just writing and not ’to the outside world show’. Now she is going to do that again, with a self-made and self-financed album and a theater tour. The occasion for her to occasionally come back to thinking ’huge success’. “But you are not your success. On the other hand, you are not your failure, if that already exists. So that is a big relief.”

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