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Sagan admits that he is in Paris-Roubaix two times deliberately against Jelle Wallays aanbotste

Triple world champion cycling Peter Sagan shares in his biography “My world” a few spicy stories. And therein also play a number of Belgian riders have a role, is to be read in a publication in The Latest News. For example, the Slovaak that he is in Paris-Roubaix this year to two times deliberately against Jelle Wallaeys aanbotste… in an attempt to send to repair. About the olympic gold for Greg Van Avermaet: ‘He must have thought that I’m a huge asshole.”

Between his world championships in 2015, 2016 and 2017 was also a failed adventure in Rio, where Sagan gold had trying to tackle the mountain bike. The adventure turned on a damp squib, while in the meantime, Greg Van Avermaet olympic gold picked up in the road race at the Olympic Games. Only had Sagan on the moment itself is not inherited, says the Slovaak. “I was sitting watching tv and suddenly appeared Of the Team in the picture, olympic”. Holy shit! I was so self-absorbed that I no longer thought of.’

Sagans entourage had know of the title of the Belgians, but had the Slovaak nothing dare to say for fear that he himself aangewreven would have found that he did not have chance was gone. “But I found it particularly bad that Greg has been two weeks of olympic champions on the road was and that I still had not called to congratulate him. He must have thought that I’m a huge asshole.”

Deliberate collision with Wallays

In a passage about Paris-Roubaix earlier this year, Sagan also admitted that he Jelle Wallays a few times intentionally aantikte. The Slovaak was in the breakaway when his steering wheel suddenly crooked, and there was no better than against Wallays tapping it in the hope the right to withdraw.

‘Goddamn it!” calls the Lotto rider with the most useful and time-honored cursing from the Flemish fietsbijbel. “Oh, sorry, sorry, it was just wrong, sorry’, I say apologetically. He shrugs his shoulders. It happens.’

Many helped the trick of Sagan does not, however, so he decided to give it another try. Harder this time.

‘Damn You, Sagan! What do you do in hell?’ “Oh man, sorry, I’m just tired, sorry, there’s nothing wrong.’ There follows this time it’s not a friendly shrug of the shoulders, only a stream of whispered expletives in your language and total confusion. Poor boy, two hundred kilometers at the head of the world’s largest one-day cycling race, and now gets some idiot common areas with him.’

Ultimately the mechanics of BORA-hansgrohe Sagan from the penarie help, which the Slovaak Wallays overboard kieperde and in the last straight line also medevluchter Silvan Dillier beat in the sprint.

The biography of Peter Sagan appears on Thursday, October 4.

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