’Rossana Kluivert needs every week dozens of dogs in sleep’

The series, from 7 november to see played out on Kluiverts home to Curaçao. “There are a whopping 25,000 stray dogs on the island, where no form of childcare available to you. We try to catch and then a better life to offer. But the other side of the story is also highlighted: there are weekly also forty dogs that we have to let go. Help is already too late.’

The show, which was originally the beginning of this year would be admitted, had to be postponed because of the illness of Rossana. “I was still in the treatment process, and wanted to even before the radiation treatments to Curacao, but that was not to of the doctors. That was too dangerous. Now I have a month and a half ago, the last radiation treatment and I am almost done with the treatment. That makes in the series is for the moments where the emotions go up, but those moments are important. Everything you see is real and there is nothing cut out.’

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