Rescue yourself drowned in quest

KUALA LUMPUR – Six Malaysian brandweerduikers were searching for a missing boy, are themselves for the life to come. The victims were caught in a deadly whirlpool, messages in the local media.

The divers were in Puchong looking for a teen who is in the water had fallen when he wanted to go fishing. The emergency services say that the rescue workers and then himself under the water were drawn. They seem by the strong current caught a hit in the rope that they were stuck and lost a part of their diving equipment, says a high officer who, according to the New Straits Times.

The unconscious divers could later out of the water to be drawn, but medical aid was of no avail. In the country is shocked responded to the death of the workers. There, hundreds of people came to their funeral. Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has the next of kin her amazing strong.

The missing teenager has not been found. The search will continue later.

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