Of Erp saw direct movie No one in the city

Michiel van Erp

“I bought the book in a car at Schiphol airport and I read it on the beach. Then I thought: yes, here is really a film,” says Van Erp, who with No one in the city his feature debut. “I recognized myself very much in the main character and it’s really in a radius of 150 metres of my house are playing. But the theme, the life try to understand with trial and error, really speaks to me.”

The film adaptation of the book tells about three young friends who fall and rise to adulthood during their years of study in Amsterdam. A sudden death within the group of friends is put it all on the sharp.

Not required

Only once did From Erp to read the book. “When we took the scenario started, I have never read. I really try to sail on what we were to write were,” he says. “I have never required felt to be the same film as the book. I do, however, have examined how we of the story is as good as possible movie.”

Here were the big names are not necessarily needed, says Van Erp. No one in the city has little known actors, but he was also not looking for. “I simply looked at which actors would be best for the lead roles. And these are the people who from the auditions have come”, he says.


The director is also not so busy with reviews, ” he continues. “My own feeling counts for me the most. It sounds arrogant, but I know perfectly well I have made or the what is. And sail I,” said the 54-year-old director, who hopes that there are too many young people to his film. “I don’t make a film or documentary for the good reviews or so. That is not what you do it for. I would really like in addition to the older bioscoopbezoeker also a lot of young people go. I’m curious what they find.”

No one in the city last week was the opening film at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. From Thursday the movie in the whole country to see.

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