London close four schools by ‘false widow’

In the east of London, in Newham, are two primary schools and two high schools closed after ‘false widow’ were found in the buildings. A bite from such a spider can be painful, and redness and swelling cause. The schools remain at least a week to close.

One school will remain closed until 29 October. “The safety of our students and staff are our priority, let the director of the Rokeby school Charlotte Robinson, know in an email to the parents. According to Robinson it will be three weeks in duration before the spinning completely eradicated.

Another school, Ellen Wilkinson in Beckton, will next week be closed. The lower school Star evaluates the situation and will parents next week and give an update.

There are different types of ‘false widows’, these schools will have to contend with the Steatoda nobilis. This species is the most common in the United Kingdom. The false widows were probably in 1879 imported into the UK via the import of bananas from Madeira. A third of the bites of the spiders may cause nausea, headache and drowsiness. There are no lethal bites determined by the spin.

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