Journalists ‘ union denounces practice VRT

Museums or theatre companies that extra attention for a new expo or a show, want, can the VRT questions that Culture Club (Radio 1) or Pompidou (Klara) in them liveprogramma comes. The broadcaster calls before 4,000 euros, exclusive of vat, which according to the VRT, the additional costs are to live to send out. That writes The Tomorrow. For Radio 2, VRT a tarievenfiche, where just about all of the programs with the different options and prices. The most expensive option is a live broadcast of The Ladies. Before you pay 9.750 euro. It is remarkable that your attention can buy during regional Radio 2-programmes including news. “This is against all ethical rules,” says Pol Deltour of the Flemish Association of Journalists. “There is never paid for reporting.” “This is what we do for the magazines of the Radio 2 regional”, says VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem. “It is not for the news.”

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