Italian club refuses to demote: ’Everyone is surprised’

Entella midfielder Davide Luppi

The last season ended Virtus Entella on a 19th place (of 22), in a league where the bottom four clubs degrade. In the same season, with Cesena, Bari and Avellino three clubs restored due to financial problems.

Then the situation changed. Cesena will retroactively have fifteen points deducted, while the club also reverted to the fourth level of Italy. Virtus Entella ended last season, six points behind Cesena. The club eight, the degradation is therefore now invalid and refuses matches in the Serie C to play.

FIGC president, Roberto Fabbricini

The Italian football federation FIGC has all the duels of the club from the Northern Italian Chiavari opgeschorst until further notice. It’s already weeks ago that the club is a match played. “It was ridiculous. Nobody dares to take a decision,” says defender Gabriel Cleur against The Guardian. “Everyone is amazed at the whole situation.”

FIGC is indecisive and slide the case provisionally. Until 9 October, a decision has to be taken. Until that time, Virtus Entella a spookclub somewhere in between the Series B and the Series C floats. Cleur is full of good courage. “I see they do not restore to the C Series,” said the Australian. “I don’t see why they are our competitions would suspend us then, yet in the C Series.”

“This discussion is about jobs,” continues Cleur. “You talk about all the other budgets. Players will be in the C Series less get paid or even let their contract terminate. And also the employees outside the team are going to be hurt.”

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