Is Bryan Adams on 1 with Joe?

What happens if you take the science test what music people do? That examines Joe in ” The Muzieklaboratorium’, an experiment that started at the 10th anniversary edition of the Top 2000 to celebrate. In The Muzieklaboratorium have the Joe-dj’s and a lot of familiar faces to music from the Top 2000 listened and was there through four parameters are measured, how they have lived. The Top 2000 this week started with Joe and runs until Friday 12 October 2018. Everyone can make the Top and the results of The Muzieklaboratorium follow via radio and online via
Robin Vissenaekens, zendermanager Joe: “The biggest music party of Joe, the Top 2000, celebrates this year its tenth anniversary. That asked for something extra, which is why we have science involved in our classiclijst with ‘The Muzieklaboratorium’. Our listeners know that it is not always easy to choose for the list. So what would it give if you the science of release on people?”

In addition to Joe-djs Sven Ornelis, Anke Buckinx, Raf Van Brussel, Rani De Coninck, Tess Goossens, Carl Schmitz, Alexandra Potvin, and Jan Bosman also did Karen Damen, Ella Leyers, Alex Callier, Freek Braeckman and Rik Torfs participated in the experiment. They had several songs, including the top 5 of the Top 2000 last year. The measurement was done with four instruments: an EEG device on the head so that the focus measure, a meter on the head so that the movement registers, electrodes on the face that the facial expression measure and electrodes on the wrist that the intensity of the experience capture.

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