Indonesia is struggling with nepnieuws after earthquake

PALU – The Indonesian authorities after the devastating earthquake on Sulawesi the hands full dispelling onzinverhalen. The ministry of Information and Communication, the past few days, two statements are issued with warnings about specific cases of nepnieuws, the message, the British newspaper The Guardian.

An Indonesian soldier stands guard at a petrol station where long lines after the earthquake in Palu.

The ministry stated that the mayor of the city of Palu in the disaster area is mistakenly will be dead. Also did the incorrect story round that relatives of the victims free of charge to the city can fly. Furthermore, circulating non-throbbing stories about an impending breach, and much heavier earthquake is imminent.

“If you leave your house, people you have stuff to steal”

That last story also did the round in the disaster area. “We heard that the biggest earthquake Friday, will take place”, said a resident of Palu against The Guardian. “I told people that it was a joke. If you leave your house, people you stuff to steal. Therefore, spreading this kind of onzinboodschappen.”

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