Five lions finished in South Africa: “They have our children murdered”

“We have tragic news to report’, writes the Akwaaba Predator Park on Facebook. “We lost five of our lions murderers. Our heart is broken, they have our babies killed.’

The five lions were killed by poachers in the Akwaaba Predator Park in South Africa. The poachers poisoned the animal and carved Lion Mufasa first. He was found in a pool of blood, the poachers had its legs and snout chopped off. Believed to be the severed limbs used for rituals or as a hunting trophy. Park rangers caught the poachers during a patrol, but they ran and are still not found. The other four lions are also dead, but only Musafa was horribly mutilated.

“We want to thank everyone who helps us in the detection of the poachers,” writes the park. They issue a reward of 110 000 rand (6 520 euro) for each tip leading to the detection of the poachers. “We want these monsters found and we want justice.’

All animals in the Akwaaba Predator Park life were abandoned, neglected or abused. ‘These lions were all with us since they cubs were, ” says park manager Bronwyn Moss. “This tragedy breaks our hearts. We hope that Mufasa was already dead before the poachers started to cut.’

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