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ErisX: Futures for Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin

With ErisX a new crypto-stock exchange comes on the market. On this, it should soon be possible to trade Futures for Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. The platform gathered a large number of Wall Street investors.

Only a few days ago, the announcement that the company wants to bring Bakkt with the planned Bitcoin Futures in the November new financial products on the market, with which you on the Price development of Bitcoin betting can be came. In contrast to the existing Futures the CBOE and the CME, the futures of Bakkt to be physical – in the case of a successful completion of a contract, the ownership is transferred. Now Bakkt gets competition.

Because here it is the Ameritrade Holding Corp., which has invested in a new crypto-currency exchange. With ErisX, it should be possible in the future to trade Futures in excess of the ordinary contracts. Rather, it should be on ErisX in the future possible to trade Futures for Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to Cash.

ErisX gathered on Wall Street to investors under

First of all, they wanted to allow in the first half of next year, Spot Trading. The Futures for Altcoins to come towards the end of the year 2019. At the moment but am still in negotiation with the competent authorities.

Is not one of the investors in ErisX only the Ameritrade Holding Corp., in addition to this, the Virtu Financial Inc, the Cboe Global Markets Inc, as well as the Digital Currency Group for the current round of financing.

Importance for the crypto-market

From the introduction of financial products such as forward contracts or Futures in the last of December, quite a large signal. The introduction of the first crypto-Futures went hand in hand with the huge price increases in December. With the introduction of such products, a regulatory security connected, the just more traditional and conservative investors with positive signals. However, there are also voices which say that the Bitcoin Futures also contributed considerably contributed to the price fall at the beginning of the year.

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