En Vogue is coming to the Ziggo Dome

And Vogue

“And Vogue, truly legendary songs are created where time and again, we much inspiration and energy from it,” says Berget Lewis. “The 90’s had a really different look without that power, ladies! And soon, we are just live on stage next to them in our own show. That is, of course, a magical moment!”

And Vogue sold more than 20 million albums, 30 million streams and 26 million YouTube views on only all of their top 6 hit singles. The singers Cindy Herron-Braggs, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett scored in the 90’s hit after hit with songs like Hold On, Free Your Mind, Never Gonna Get it Whatta Man (feat. Salt N Pepa) and Don’t Let Go. In addition, the women nominated several times for a Grammy Award.

“We each have a wishlist of special guests and Vogue is already there since year one,” responds Edsilia Rombley. “Because if there is one group perfectly with our shows, then it is of course And Vogue with her power ladies and unforgettable hits! We are really supertrots that they come!”

Earlier it was announced that Steffen Morrison and Ronnie Flex ladies will accompany.

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