EenVandaag celebrates its anniversary with requests

PVV-leader Geert Wilders in debate with VVD leader Mark Rutte at EenVandaag for a room with more than 700 students, two days before the parliamentary elections.

The revelations around the dangerous chromium-6, the voicemails of politicians, who are as leaky as a basket turned out to be the collision between prime minister Rutte and PVV leader Wilders in the elections of 2017 – that are topics that are in the jubileumuitzending discussed.

EenVandaag began on October 4, 1993 as TweeVandaag, after the merger of TROS Aktua, EO’s Tijdsein and Veronica Nieuwslijn. Veronica got there in 1995 because the broadcasting is commercial. In 2004, the AVRO the place of the EO. The name EenVandaag was introduced in 2006, when the program moved from (then) Netherlands 2 Netherlands 1. The current presenters are Jaap Jongbloed, Suzanne Bosman, Rik van de Westelaken, Rose Moggré and Jojanneke van den Berge.

Since 2004, EenVandaag a private opiniepanel, which is now 50,000 members counts. Thus, to measure the program’s opinion on current political and social issues.

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