British accuse Russia of series of cyber-attacks

British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt has the Russian military intelligence services are accused of being responsible for six cyber attacks against political and sporting settings, against companies and media worldwide. The minister referred to a survey by the British centre for cyber security (NCSC) that discovered that the Russians were behind several attacks were.

“This behavior shows that they act without regard for international law or the prevailing norms, and that they are untouchable consider’, in a press release. The minister threatened to ‘together with our allies to respond to attempts to international stability, to undermine’. Hunt keeps the Kremlin held responsible.

The cyber-attacks would also have citizens affected and the national economies millions of money, was the still.

As an example, reference was made to the attack on the headquarters of the Democratic Party in 2016, to the leaks of confidential documents from the anti-doping agency Wada and to the cyber attack on the airport of Odessa in Ukraine. The attacks were, according to the British carried out by hackers using the pseudonyms as ‘Fancy Bear’ or ‘Sandworm’, but where the Russian military intelligence behind lay.

Since the affair-Skripal are the relations between Great Britain and Russia strongly acidic.

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