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Brick block: partnership with peakside Capital

The Berlin-based Blockchain-Start-up brick block at the 4. October a partnership with the Investment firm peakside Capital announces. Together to perform the classical Management of real estate investments with the benefits of the Blockchain technology.

The Tokenization of Assets via Blockchain is not just for institutional investors but also for investors with a lesser start-up capital for a promise. So small will be able to invest with relatively little effort in things that are actually too expensive for you. A classic field of application of the tokenized Assets with the real estate industry. Who has not enough money to buy a whole apartment, but in spite of rising Rents to benefit, simply acquire shares in the property in Token Form.

Further development in the area of Tokenization

One of the Blockchain-the company, which has chosen the Tokenization of real estate to the business model, is the Berlin-based Start-up brick block. BTC-ECHO reported in the past in detail about the brick block-Blockchain-application, including an Interview with Co-Founder Jakob Drzazga.

After the brick block had received from the venture capitalists Finch Capital of 5 million euros, Berlin is now a more strategic partnership. In September, the Blockchain-business ConsenSys led a successful Review of the brick block-a Smart Contract Ecosystem. Together with the Peakside Capital Advisors AG, to traditional real estate investment with innovative Blockchain technology.

Peakside: Experienced Real Estate Investors

The company Peakside Capital, a European Investment Manager specialising in real estate. Peak side currently manages real estate with a value of more than a billion US dollars, mainly in Germany and Eastern Europe. This peak-side Advisory services for Investments in the managed portfolio.

The partnership, peakside Capital uses the Software and the legal framework of the brick block, a real estate Fund to the authorized token. This means that the peak side identify these funds on the Blockchain, and would like to manage. The Tokenization allows capital from a global pool of Investors and to provide investors from around the world access to investments, such as those of peakside Capital. This is cheaper and more efficient than anything on the current system structure is not possible.

The companies say:

“We are incredibly excited to take this first step in order to make real estate investment accessible, affordable and efficient. The offer of peakside Capital is an ideal application for our technology. We are very proud to work with a company that has proven its competence in the industry, consistently“

as Jeffery Woodward, Director of the brick block Limited.

“A block chain-based solutions, as offered by the brick block that will change the real estate sector. They facilitate access for different groups of investors and increase the transparency of the global real estate markets“,

Stefan Aumann, Founding Partner of peakside Capital completed.


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