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Bobby Cho: “The wild days are over”

In the midst of the reports of the professionalization of the sector, see Cumberland head trader Bobby Cho, in the falling-rate volatility opportunities for the entry of institutional investors.

In an Interview with Bloomberg Cho paints the picture of a growing professionalization of the sector. So the stock exchange to become listed companies now to the most important buyers of crypto-Assets with a value of US $ 100,000.

Cho, according to the correlated – in relation to the first half of the year – low level of price volatility in the last half of the year, with increased interest from institutional investors. Because of high price fluctuations have deterred large investors in the past, sees Cho in the current Situation, despite the bear market, a good entry-level opportunities:

“One of the biggest points of criticism of the institutional investors of crypto was the volatility. In the last four to six months, the market has traded in a very narrow range, and this seems to correspond to that of traditional financial institutions is becoming more and more aggressive to the market.“

A stable market, thanks to institutional investors?

Bobby Cho is a trade-in-chief of the Cumberland. The DRW Holdings subsidiary, acts as Broker for crypto-Assets, and providing inexperienced investors with access to markets. Cumberland is with over 30 of the most important crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash and Ethereum Classic.

Just in an off-exchange (over-the-counter) trading Bobby Cho sees great opportunities for sustainable fixing of wealthy investors on the market.

Because in the case of Liquidation of large positions, the terms of the contract can be set by the Broker before. So sales remain Private, unaffected by sudden rate fluctuations at the time of the transaction. Further, the offered volume of trading on the traditional Exchanges simply to meet the demand of large investors.

A paradigm shift is, however, in the case of the miners. Instead of selling large positions of the Bitcoin at favorable exchange rates bundled, you now prefer to be on a constant Liquidation “mined” Token. It is likely that this will tend to be less volatile exchange rates.

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