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Bitpanda uses IOTA to ensure the Hub is a maximum security

Bitpanda uses IOTA to ensure the Hub is a maximum security

Home News Bitpanda uses IOTA-Hub a to ensure maximum safety

Marcel Knobloch –

Bitpanda has not only completed the development work on the IOTA Wallet on the platform successfully, but transitioned to the IOTA, presented a technical interface, the IOTA-Hub to integrate and implement.

Bitpanda is one of the first companies to use the IOTA-Hub into an active product usage environment. Previously, it was relatively difficult for exchanges to create the technical infrastructure, in order to work properly with the cryptocurrency IOTA. Among the challenges, for example, the Seed Management, the Double-Signing by database Constraints, or the Monitoring of transaction confirmations.

With the help of the IOTA-Hub is now a standardized, Open-Source software solution available that enables the Integration of IOTA for any kind of Service Provider within a short period of time. Bitpanda has completed the Integration successfully. Bitpanda and IOTA were able to ensure fruitful cooperation for a smooth implementation (freely translated):

It was a pleasure to work with. The Bitpanda Team works quickly and professionally. You were able to build the IOTA-Hub-Integration with very little support, which, we hope, shows that the Hub itself is easy to use.

Bitpanda CTO and Co-Founder Christian Trummer goes on to state that by this step Bitpanda for all future Updates on the part of IOTA is equipped, and no major repair expenses for his platform:

With the Integration of the IOTA-Hubs, we are ready for future IOTA Changes and Updates.

We are curious to see whether other companies, the IOTA-Hub. At the time of writing, the price of IOTA is 0.48 Euro and recorded a mini price increase of + 1.48% paint. With a market capitalization of 1.3 billion, IOTA takes the 11th place of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

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