Amber Heard upset with GQ after the interview, Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

“As GQ, the case also but had a little examined, it would soon have become clear that his statement is completely untrue,” include in the statement that the legal team gave to the New York Post. “Mr. Depp is going to shamelessly continue with his psychological abuse of mrs Heard, who has tried this painful time in her life behind.”

In the article claims Johnny, inter alia, that the police on the day on which he has an iPhone to the head of Amber would have thrown, no evidence was found of abuse. He says in the interview that agents are offering them to investigate, but Amber refused. He counts that there is nothing in her hand, and she ’a day or a few days later all of a sudden a bruise on her face.

GQ placed the story with a disclaimer that the magazine emphasizes do not know what happened between Amber and Johnny is done. The sheet states that it is only Johnny’s side of the story, because that’s still not might have happened previously. In the statement of Amber sets the actress that the author only to the physical evidence had need to look to the right conclusion’.

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