Yana of ‘Temptation Island’ denies handtasdiefstal in Ostend

Yana Daems, well-known of the FIVE-program ‘Temptation Island’, has resistance appealed against her conviction for theft. The 24-year-old woman from Ostend was given in absentia to four months of effective imprisonment, but denies that they had the intention of the handbag to steal.

The facts were played on december 29, 2016 in café The Bridge in Ostend. Yana D. grabbed the handbag of C. L., and threw later the content away. On the basis of camera images, she came as the suspect in the picture. Also the statements of the victim and a witness did her the tie. On 20 June, she was in absentia sentenced to four months in prison and a 600 euro fine.

The accused signed the protest against her conviction. Her lawyer Omar Souidi explained that Daems is not intended to be the handbag to steal. “They saw the handbag on the ground and thought they were of her friend G. was. Removal is not equal to theft, the intent must be deceptive. Everything is based here on a misunderstanding that would not look out of place in the better album of peek-a-boo.”

Nevertheless, it is striking that the accused the contents of the handbag just weggooide. Allegedly placed C. L. ever photos of Yana Daems at Redlights, a website where ads can be placed. “That affair has hurt. It was absolutely unlikable to everything to delete it, it was more sensible to the handbag to give it back.”

Finally got Yana Daems itself the last word. “It is not good to talk, I had him back,” she said to the judge. The defense asked for the acquittal, but suggested minor suspension of punishment for.

The court shall issue a ruling on november 21.

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