With helicopter escaped top criminal caught

PARIS – infamous French criminal Rédoine Faïd, with a helicopter from a prison, escaped, was arrested again. That report French media on the basis of politiebronnen. He was after a months-long manhunt was arrested in Creil, north of Paris.

July 2018: the helicopter which Faïd managed to escape.

The 46-year-old Faïd escaped at the beginning of July from the prison of Réau. He managed to escape with the aid of accomplices from outside the prison. To the attention of prison staff, have reported several armed men at the entrance of the prison for the release of the criminal to requirements. At the same time, landed a helicopter in the courtyard of the prison. With that device knew Faïd to escape.

The criminal was a long prison sentence for an armed robbery and the murder of a police officer. Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet said at the time that the escape may be a long time is prepared.

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