‘Why are there no verzorgingstafels in mannentoiletten?’

The photo of Donte Palmer, a young father from Florida, that his child should have pity on his knees, can count on considerable acclaim in America. He wants to verzorgingstafels in all toilets of restaurants and other public places. “We fathers need to be considered as equivalent to be seen”, says Palmer.

The 31-year-old Palmer had been numerous times his children changed in toilets where there is no provision for. Then he goes through the knees, and puts his child on his lap. “I didn’t realize that there was a problem, until I took the photo with my own eyes,” said Palmer (31).

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This is a serious post!!! What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathroom as if we don ’t exist!! #FLM #fatherslivesmatter clearly we do this often because look how comfortable my son is. It’s routine to him!!!! Let’s fix this problem! I Kaepernick drop a knee to this issue! @theshaderoom let’s show the innovation or fathers! #squatforchange

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He posted the picture on Instagram and Facebook, and reached a large audience. Thousands of fathers responded with their own story. Therefore, calls Palmer others to pay more attention to the problem requirements and their story to share via #SquatForChange. “I really think that if many fathers change requirements, the change will come,” he says.

“We are there for our children,” says Palmer. “We are there not only for bread on the shelf, we are also on during the night for bottles to warm.”

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