Trump on case-Kavanaugh: ‘Very frightening time for the young men in US”

The debate about Brett Kavanaugh, the candidate judge for the federal Supreme court, who is accused of sexual assault, shows that it is a very frightening time for young men in the USA’. That has the American president Donald Trump Tuesday to journalists stated.

“It is a very frightening time for young men in America, where you can be guilty of something that you might be not guilty,” replied Trump when reporters at the White House asked him to comment on the case of Kavanaugh. ‘What happens here, is much more than the appointment in the Supreme court.’

‘All my life I’ve heard it said that you are innocent until your guilt is proven. But now you are guilty until your innocence is proven. That is a very difficult standard, ” she said.

Trump was later asked whether he a message for young women. ‘With the women is going very well, ” came the response from the president.

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