‘Trump built power through suspicious tax structures

The American president, Trump received more than $ 400 million (in current value, ed.) of his parents, largely through ‘questionable’ tax structures, in the 1990s, writes the American newspaper The New York Times Tuesday. A lawyer of Trump calls the allegations ” one hundred percent false.

The New York Timesrelies on tax settlements and confidential financial documents in combination with interviews. It appears that the American president, like his four brothers and sisters, could enjoy the money that his father Fred as a real estate agent had earned. For Donald Trump would be the go to 413 million dollars in total.

According to the newspaper was a part of that money through tax avoidance, and even pure tax fraud, is obtained. The president and his brothers and sisters founded a schermvennootschap on for the sole purpose of the gifts of their parents hide.

Donald Trump would have his father actively helped in the dodging of taxes, for millions of dollars in total. Real estate was in the possession of the family Home was undervalued.

The children of Fred Trump would total more than a billion dollars, writes the newspaper. So they would, in an inheritance tax of 55 percent, 550 million dollars have to pay for. But in reality was only 52.2 million dollar is paid to the tax authorities.

Allegations ” one hundred percent false’

The White House wanted Tuesday night not to immediately respond to the newspaper article. A lawyer, Trump says in the newspaper that the allegations ” one hundred percent false.” According to the lawyer was Donald Trump, also not involved, but were matters that are handled by professionals and other members of the family.

The New York Times says that it is based on financial documents of father Trump, because the American president wants to have its own tax settlements do not publish. The company where his ability is in housed, the Trump Organization, also publishes no results. That company is currently led by his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Junior.

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