Trainer Bayern: ’I must first process’

Niko Kovac in conversation with Louis van Gaal.

It was the third duel in a row in which the South Germans did not managed to win. “Not only I am surprised, that is true for many. This we had not expected,” said the 46-year-old coach, who has been so good the season had started with seven victories (in all competitions) in a row.

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“Why are the performance in the last three duels as they are?”, asked Kovac out loud. A reply had he not, he asked for two days grace period. “I must first process.”

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Bayern played in the league right against Augsburg and lost Friday of Hertha BSC. Against Ajax was the team good road, already had Bayern through Mats tiny toddlers have early taken the lead.

Kovac: “But that goal gave us no security. We were worse and showed the opponents are correct in their game.”

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