The Passion the following year in Dordrecht

The theme of the musical paasvertelling this time is ’You are not alone’, where the emphasis is on loneliness and pay attention to each other. Who the vocals are going to perform and what songs are sung, it is not yet known. According to a spokesperson for the broadcaster is at its earliest in January published. It always goes to well-known artists and songs. The Passion is broadcast live at the EO and KRO-NCRV on NPO1 and NPO Radio 2.

Dordrecht is not for nothing selected. It is the place where this year 400 years ago, during the Synod of Dordrecht, the command was given for the first official Dutch bible translation: the Bible. Mayor Wouter Kolff is pleased that his city’s event to organise. “Dordrecht is the oldest city of Holland. The city where 800 years to the future, lends itself with more than 1000 monuments perfect for The Passion. But Dordrecht is the city of the heart on the right place for young and old. Look after each other and in front of the other would mean.”

The musical story of the suffering of Jesus is always good for high ratings. Last year was The Passion in Leeuwarden. That broadcast attracted more than 3 million viewers. This year the show was staged in the Amsterdam Bijlmer, which was seen by 3.2 million viewers. The record dates from 2015, when The Passion 3.6 million tv viewers captivated.

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