The mayor of Utopia in shackles

ROME – The arrest of Domenico Lucano, mayor of the Southern Italian town of Riace, yesterday smashed like a bomb in Italy. Lucano is the figurehead of the Italians who are pro immigration are, the hero of those who nothing have to have of the strict politics against clandestine immigration, the minister Matteo Salvini (Home Affairs).

Domenico Lucano let migrants are draining city to breathe new life into.

He has provisionally put under house arrest. His friend Tesfahun Lemlem should be no more in the village live. Domenico Lucano, by his friends “Mimmo”, was known because his deflating village from the point of the boot filled with hundreds of immigrants, who Riace new life in blew up. The immigrants learned the local products and transformed the houses.

The ’model Riace’ was the dream of those who believed in a multicultural society. From around the world traveled people and were curious to look.

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The Neapolitan anti-camorra author Roberto Saviano wore the progressive mayor on his hands and cried out that Utopia still exists. The American magazine Fortune put Lucano in 2016 on the fortieth place of the most influential leaders. He was in the 2010 World Mayor third in the price of the best mayor in the world.

But, according to the public prosecutor of Locri committed Lucano regular violations in the use of public funds for the reception of immigrants and asylum seekers. He is accused of promoting illegal immigration. To keep these inane laws to ignore, I go against the law,” said Lucano in a tapped phone call.

It was about a immigrante who three times a residence permit was refused. ,,I give her a card, I go against the law. I also send no police on her, I take my responsibility. We are going to her register directly, so I have the id cards done so far,” he said.

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Lucano sjoemelde according to justice with the accounts, brought the counterfeit money, with images of Martin Luther King and Che Guevara in circulation, showed the paper to distort and organized marriages between men of Riace and female immigrants for this last one permits to control.

The judge charged with the preliminary investigation suggests, however, that Domenico Lucano not a penny in his own pocket had stung. The arrest led to furious reactions among progressive Italians. There were several spontaneous demonstrations across Italy against the arrest organized. This Saturday there is a demonstration in Riace itself.

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