Stricter penalties for dierenbeulen

The Hague – Dierenbeulen will be a ban of ten years on the keeping of pets. It should prevent them from further offending.

That announced the minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Safety) just before world animal day. He presents a law that allows judges always so’n ’houdverbod’ can impose on dierenmishandelaars. Currently, there are already houdverboden distributed, but that may only be linked to a conditional punishment. That is changed, making executioners more often and for longer a ban on their pants.

Earlier it was planned to dierenbeulen a ban of up to five years on the keeping of pets. Partly due to social anger about cruelty to animals, this is the most recent bill doubled.

Owners of animals that their animal neglect, but not purposely did, with this legislation compulsory on the course to be set by the court. There they learn, for example, that their cat is not as fat are fattening that can’t run anymore. Or they hear how they are a reptile, however, should take care of.

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