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StellarX!A “DEX” on the Basis of the Stellar Protocol?

And last Friday (28.09.2018) went with “StellarX” a new System, at the Start, which acts as a kind of “decentralized exchange” (DEX), more precisely, even not a “real” DEX considered, however. Is not distributed in turn, and then a Central exchange? The answer is clearly “no”!
But what StellarX, exactly?

Through the company Chain and Lightyear new company founded in Interstellar, the operator of StellarX, on the Homepage ( on the questions whether StellarX a DEX or a Central exchange like Poloniex or Coinbase is the following answer:

“No [we are not stock exchange]. We do not have anyone’s assets or their Private Keys and we do not order books, or have a private trade system. We are a Browser for the open marketplace, the Stellar network, managed independently of each other and accessible to the Public.“

“Although it might feel like to StellarX as a DEX because they are acting directly from your own Wallet, and all will be settled to your actions on-chain, is StellarX is no exchange of any kind. We are environment, Essentially a (really nice) GUI (user interface) for the publicly available Stellar trade. Stellar is so fast that it feels as if we have to regulate the things themselves, but we don’t do that.“

Completely free of charge?

The great thing about StellarX is that it is completely free to work. As an Anti-Spam measure, the System requires a very small fee of 0.00001 XLM (star lumen), however, these fees are refunded by the operators. This back payment once a week, instead of ie, the individual fees paid are summed up over the week and fully refunded. However, note the following: All StellarX traded Coins and tokens that are not part of the Stellar Blockchain, to be provided by third parties. May arise in the subsequent withdrawal of the Coins/ tokens in the case of the use of the services of said third-party fees.

Conclusion: at just the right time

In times of bear market, FUD and co. a project like StellarX, which will help to root the crypto-Ecosystem in the “real world” and to create, through decentralisation and the confidence to bring exactly the Right thing to the entire market a step further forward. For the average crypto enthusiast, a look is worth it, especially since the application process is simple and straightforward and done within a Minute.

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