Statement on sexual life of woman Kavanaugh accuses released

Republicans have an explicit statement released that the credibility of Julie Swetnick to undermine. That is one of the women who are candidates-chief judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct allegations.

The Republicans of the Senate who, on the appointment of the candidate chief judge Brett Kavanaugh bend, have a letter of four pages of Dennis Ketterer was put online.

The man, a former weatherman and in 1996, Democratic candidate for Congress, says that he was in 1993 a few weeks an affair with Julie Swetnick. The woman has under oath stated that Kavanaugh, in 1982, was present at a party where she, the victim would have been a gang rape.

In its statement, says Ketterer that Swetnick never about a rape or sexual assault has spoken and the name Brett Kavanaugh has never mentioned. He also states that they told him that they sometimes have group sex with multiple men and that they for the first time in the secondary has done.

“Based on my experiences with Julie, I believe her allegations are not,” he says.


The lawyer of Swetnick, Michael Avenatti, called the statement ” nonsense and outrageous’. He calls the FBI on the credibility of both the client as of Ketterer to investigate. “This is absolutely a set up game that the Republican Party, his appointment may be pushing yourself.’

The American newspaper The Washington Post writes that it is very unusual that a commission a statement containing such explicit and unconfirmed details of a citizen, etc. That shows the aggressive tactics of the Republicans to the allegations against Kavanaugh to undermine, what it sounds like.

The candidate chief judge Brett Kavanaugh is also by two other women accused of sexual misconduct, among whom Christine Blasey Ford. She testified last week before the Senate committee. The American president remains his candidate for the Supreme court to support. At a rally in Mississippi he drove yesterday on the spot with the universiteitsdocente Ford.

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