Spirou and An Lemmens on adventure for Red Nose Day

From today, you can have Red Noses Day also support through the exciting adventure Spirou and the Red Noses to buy, a brand new strip of to team Marc Legendre and Charel Cambré, tailored to the needs of the action. Presenter An Lemmens, who also plays a role in the story, is an ambassador of this initiative.

“As host of The Voice Kids, but also, as a mom, sister, daughter… I think it is very important that young people not only their most beautiful side show, but that they dare to come out to their fears and problems. This comic is about that-and, not coincidentally, plays a part of the adventure in a school context. The mental well-being of young people in schools deserve our attention and our support. Enjoy reading and big thanks for your contribution to Red Nose Day.”

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