Spain falls massively for ’Dutch Julio

With his rendition of Julio Iglesias (left photo) steals William Janz in Got Talent, España the hearts of the Spanish public and feared member of the jury, Risto Mejide (photo right).

It seems to be a gevalletje ’too good to be true’, but how often WILLIAM JANZ (44) is also located in the arms, squeezes, about two months, he is in a packed Teatre Victòria in Barcelona really is in the semi-finals of the also in Spain immensely popular tv show. He gave himself, almost in a kind of baldadige mood, on for Got Talent España and has already stolen the hearts in the land of his great hero JULIO IGLESIAS.

,,They think it’s a good story: on weekdays I’m working and on weekends I sing,’ he explains, ” this week in the Weekly Private. ,,I also have a family with two young children, JULIAN (14) and ADAM (11). If I get the chance to break through in Spain, then I grab that, of course, with both hands.’

What just would be able to play in his way to eternal glory, is that the Spanish equivalent of SIMON COWELL, the dreaded jury member RISTO MEJIDE, now already on his hand seems to be. He came after the ball to me and walked with his phone in his hand. He said: ’then Type your number in, because you need to perform on my birthday in november.’ That appointment is now in my calendar.’

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