Self-made billionaire’ Trump accused of tax fraud

NEW YORK – Donald Trump has engaged in suspicious belastingconstructies when he took advantage of the wealth of his father. That writes the New York Times Tuesday. The Us president has long been presented as a self-made billionaire, but research by the newspaper has shown that he at least 413 million in today’s dollars (357 million euros) has received from the vastgoedimperium of Fred C. Trump.

That happened in the nineties, usually by belastingfoefjes, but also by obvious cases of fraud. According to the NYT got Donald Trump already from a young age for many years, large sums of money from his wealthy old lord and mother Mary. They would a billion dollars have passed on to their children, at a very low rate. Normally for gifts or inheritances much more tax to be paid.


Donald Tumps attorney Charles J. Harder called the findings of the New York Times about tax evasion and fraud , 100 percent false and highly defamatory”. There is, according to him, no question of tampering by the president. This showed that kind of stuff to belastingdeskundigen, and extended family members.

Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman for the White House, called the story misleading”. According to her, the federal belastingendienst years ago, these transactions are reviewed and approved. The allegations made in the article of the NYT are nevertheless, by the tax authorities of the state of New York under the microscope, shows a spokesman of the state know.

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