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Seba Crypto wants to be the first crypto Bank of Switzerland

Seba Crypto wants to be the first crypto Bank of Switzerland for Bitcoin and co.

Home News Seba Crypto wants to be the first crypto Bank of Switzerland for Bitcoin and co. are

Matthias Nemack –

The Alpine Republic of Switzerland is ahead of Germany in many ways, a step of, when it comes to the treatment of crypto-currencies. Also with a view on the banking industry in Switzerland is faster. The company Seba Crypto would be the first official crypto-Bank of Switzerland.

A number of worldwide well-known investors on Board

The innovative aspect of the new Bank is, among other things, that you can refer to a number of renowned lenders. Overall, the company can lead a start-up capital in the amount of at least 100 million Swiss francs into the field. The sum is secured as it is from the environment of the Bank. Likewise, before from the current messages that have already a banking license has been applied for. The clear goal of the newly established banking house of the to bridge the gap between the area of the crypto sector and the traditional banking market. The hoped-for approval from the Swiss authorities should be the basis of innovative services in the connected area between the two above-mentioned divisions.

Also a Banker in the traditional banking world

Responsible Seba Crypto in the case of the company, various known sizes of the crypto-world. For example, names such as Joseph Chee. The same was once a Banker in the investment banking division of a major Bank USB. The Investor Jack Chung is a partner in the firm’s Summer Capital is also not Unknown. Furthermore, Andreas Amschwand is one of the experts involved. Aschwang was formerly a member of the Board of Directors at the company Julius Baer. The same does not want to stand ready by his own admission, for re-election. Instead, Amschwand would like to take up the Post of Board President at the home of Seba Crypto. Swiss investors (and foreign buyers), who want to invest buy with your money, Ethereum, or money in other crypto currencies such as Litecoin and Dash, could trust from next year on, the collateral to a Bank.

First the license, then offer services

A special feature in this case: according to media reports, the newly established Bank wants to acquire in the first step, a banking license, which should cost the operator a sum in the tens of millions. On approval, it is hoped, at the latest, the middle of the year 2019. Other service providers embarked on to date, rather the other way. Most of the time the procedure was designed more to develop their own requirements, in order to make a name for themselves in the market. This “classical” approach of many Startups do not want to choose Seba Crypto, but pre-a license as a Bank in Switzerland to purchase. Home will be the Bank in the Canton of Zug. No wonder: There are many Start-Ups in the crypto industry are established.

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