Reageerbuisleeuw causes uproar in South Africa

AMSTERDAM – Two lovely lion cubs sure caused a fuss in South Africa. It is the first time that scientists have managed to lions through artificial insemination in the world. But leeuwendeskundigen, including the Dutch, Louise de Waal, is not cheering.

With the leeuwwelpjes the excellent Victor and Isabel are very healthy.

With the lions, Victor and Isabel are in perfect condition. The cubs came at the end of August in the world and fill their days at the Ukutula administration center with rollebollen and sleep. Researchers from the University of Pretoria are pleased with the success, after eighteen months of searching for the first reageerbuisleeuw.

The researchers will present the result as a new hope for the depressed dierensoort. In many African countries is the lion all compeet disappeared. And in two decades, the number living in the wild instances by almost half to about twenty thousand. ,,If we do nothing, wait for them to extinction,’ says research leader Andre Ganswindt at news agency AFP.

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But procreating is just not the problem with the lions, throw critics. Nineteen natural and important tourist organisations have by joint letter to the South African university let you know.

,,We already have eight thousand lions in captivity in Africa’, the Dutch naturalist Louise de Waal, opposite The Telegraph. ,,Which are used to hugging, to agree to walk and a number of ends up as a trophy during a planned hunt.’

It is the first time that scientists manage lions through KI in the world.

According to De Waal are lions in captivity, the victim of a complete chain of attractions for which money is earned. After the hugging and hunt the skeletons of dead animals, often in the direction of China. ,,It’s all legal, but morally, many people not acceptable.’

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Reageerbuisleeuwen according to the nineteen organisations, including the Green Girls in Africa – a company in the sustainable tourism of The Waal, no answer on the endangered leeuwensoort. To the wild lion rescue is much more important to the degradation and fragmentation of the habitat on the entire continent.

Completely useless, the technique is not however. The artificial insemination is also possible in other large kattensoorten, such as the tiger and the cheetah. ,,It is a piece of additional tool’, says involved scientist Imke Lueders

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