Putin calls Skripal ‘piece of scum’ and ‘country traitor’

Russian president Vladimir Putin has in Great Britain poisoned Russian double agent Sergei Skripal described as a ‘piece of scum’ and a ‘country traitor’. According to Putin worked Skripal from Great Britain together with Western intelligence agencies.

‘That Skripal’s just a spy that his country has betrayed, ” said Putin during a conference on energy in Moscow. “He was arrested and punished, spent five years in prison. We have him released and he is to Britain’s departure and continued to cooperate with intelligence agencies, and advise them.’

Putin also believes that there is a whole ‘campaign’ was set up around the man. ‘Imagine that someone in your country betrays, ” said Putin. “What do you think about him? He is a piece of scum, and that’s about it.’

Skripal and his daughter Yulia were at the beginning of march in the Uk, Salisbury is poisoned with the zenuwgif novitsjok. According to London, was the Russian intelligence service is behind this poisoning. There was a European aanhoudingsmandaat issued against the two Russians suspected or accused of, the Skripals to have been poisoned. Moscow, for its part, denies there is something to do with it. Investigative journalists discovered that the two men, who accused the Russian intelligence services work.

In a remarkable television interview said the two that they are, indeed, in Salisbury were, but just to see the cathedral and Stonehenge.

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