Penelope Cruz refused naaktscène pertinent

Laura (Penelope Cruz) in “Todos lo saben” not only to do with the disappearance of her daughter, but also with rising tensions between her old flame, Paco (Javier Bardem) and her husband Alejandro (Ricardo Darín).

In Todos lo saben state Penélope Cruz in front of her husband Javier Bardem, with whom she has two young children: son Leo, seven, and daughter Luna five. He plays an old flame who she is after years again meet, in this film by the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi.

“I never stick the faces of people I know on characters, and link what happens in a film not directly to my own experiences. But of course, you take yourself and your own frame of reference is always with you as an actor. That made this movie for me is also very tough. As a mother, I play a mother who is a nightmare to have to endure. At the end of the listing period, I felt completely wrung out.”


“Asghar Farhadi has five years on this film worked, and from the beginning were Javier and I are involved. We desperately wanted to work with him and that gave me a lot of power. But because I do not half work, wanted to deliver, immersed I am in every scene. In addition I underwent an exhaustive palette of emotions: from fear, depression, despair, frustration, and extreme anger to rare moments of hope. That demolishes you, even if you have all those feelings in the evening before going home at the location on the set.”

When a particular scene was there even an ambulance to Penelope Cruz to caulk. “The director wanted my character to a panic attack. After I a couple of times with complete surrender had played, I got almost of the world. In the waiting ambulance I was given an oxygen mask up against my shortness of breath. And immediately after, I again was asked Asghar to make it all one more time about to do.” Laughing: “I have not hesitated.”

On her 44th can Penelope Cruz already look back on a rich film career, She started at an early age: she made her bioscoopdebuut in the sweltering Jamón jamón (1992), in which Javier Bardem in the leading role. The first spark was struck all over, though it would be many years before they slotfeestje of Woody allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) finally in each other’s arms ended up.

Cruz, who in Spain is regarded as the muse of director Pedro Almódovar, had already the necessary successes in America. They ventured in 1997 for the first time crossed the pond to play in The Hi-Lo Country by Stephen Frears and from that time settled in Hollywood. In Cannes reveals the actress, however, is that they have previously received an offer. Where they at the last possible moment from saw.


“I don’t want to tell to which movie and which direct it exactly went, but see it as my #MeToo-time. Or actually not, because it never occurred,” she says. “I was in my early twenties when I for that film was approached. They had me a script sent and me flew to Los Angeles. There I got just before I agreed to come across the screen test would suddenly be a new scenarioversie in my hands, to which a naaktscène was added. As with a contract that I immediately had to sign.”

“I was overwhelmed, but felt nothing for it to do that. I asked the director why he gave me that new version is not 24 hours earlier, before I got on the plane was stepped on. “Because I personally wanted to ask,” came his answer. Together with a three storey delegation of the studio insisted, he then strong that I would draw. I was really put under pressure. Otherwise, all of my opportunities in Hollywood misjudged…”

“Instead of my shell to crawl, I was furious,” recalls the Spanish actress. “With English I had at that time a lot of effort, but amazingly enough, I spoke that language day smoothly. I have categorically refused, to come across the screen test to do, and am immediately teruggevlogen to Madrid. I vividly remember that I was out of the aeroplane window looked and only pride felt. Proud that I had not be bluffed and intimidated. A defining moment: in my professional career and in my life.”


Her upbringing and her strong family ties gave Penélope Cruz at the time, the power to say ’no’, she thinks now. “I saw the totally not sit for six months to the tune of such types of dance. While I was in Madrid could be, with people who love me. My family is my everything, my mother, my greatest example. She has taught me how important it is to have respect. For others but also for yourself. You must follow your own heart and definitely not doing things where you yourself are not behind. An important lesson for other young actresses, but also for my own children. That wisdom, I want to be happy together.”

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