Panic at Robinson

After the departure of Oona, and with her, the vuurstick, provides a letter in both camps for quite a stir. Camp North and Camp South be redistributed and get new captains. Imke indicates Lesley as the new team captain, and Luc will choose for Angelo. The prospect of a new island and potential new team results in a lot of Robinsons anxiety and panic. After eleven intense adventure days soaks the possible farewell of each other, many emotions.

The task of the Rider, and Luc as a team captain is over and Lesley and Angelo have the honor to be the new camps to put together, but must first duel.

After the kampenmix both teams must proceed directly to the next Immuniteitsproef, and some of them have to fight their old kampgenoten.

Who changes of camp and who remains at his or her usual place?

And as if the lack of ex-team members was not enough, begins also, the lack of their children in some of the Robinsons very much to bear…

Expedition Robinson – Tomorrow 20u35 at FOUR

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