Nicki Minaj was in a violent relationship

Nicki Minaj

In the first clip tells Nicki how she as a young girl saw that her father and her mother struck and what impact that had on her. “I often tried for my mother to jump in to protect her. People call me often harsh and bitchy, but I’m at that age just intended to make me never by a man to handle. Until it me befell,” says Nicki.

The singer continues: “The abuse robbed me of my motivation to still make music. Because who was I now if I have nothing of myself to give? I’ve someone allowed me, as degrade, that I hardly knew who I was. I didn’t believe in myself.”

Finally, Minaj off the relationship and moved them to Miami and then New York. There she found her passion and she made songs like Coco Chanel and Good Form, both on her latest album Queen.

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