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News interests of young people not

Already for the seventh time in order to gauge the Apestaartjarenonderzoek of Mediawijs, Mediaraven and imec-MICT-UGent to the media behaviour of Flemish young people. So 2.681 young people between 12 and 18 took part. These are the most striking conclusions.

1. Young people follow the news, especially through social media (78,3%)

But also radio (is 60.9 percent) and television (74,2 percent) remain popular. This keeps the top three of the main news channels that they receive weekly consult the same as in the previous Apestaartjarenonderzoek from 2016.

More than half of the young people (57,1%) even daily news via social media. It is striking that one in two young people in weekly contact with news messages in apps like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Also notable: they do not really question the quality of news on social media.

2. The youth is not looking for news

Young people follow the news less in comparison with the previous Apestaartjarenonderzoek. When they come in contact with news is that earlier out of boredom or on the advice of others. They see themselves rather as passive users. At the same time they indicate that they news especially to follow because it’s good for them or because they like to do. Although the news does not really follow, find the most young people of their own, so that they have sufficient skills have to the news to understand and the quality of the estimate.

3. No story excites them, except, perhaps, culture

News about social issues? Let it blow, think of Flemish young people. And messages about politics? That can them, not at all buoys. Sport, crime and safety, and also news about celebrities might still be of interest.

Good news for this annex, as young people are the most interested in cultural news.

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