Most wanted gangster of France arrested: “I learned cash circulation, surprised by the action films’

The French intervention units last night Redoine Faïd was arrested. The robber was on the ‘most wanted’list since his spectacular escape from the prison. ‘Ontsnappingskoning’ Faïd told in 2010 the story of his life on all the French channels.

The French police came to the fugitive robber Redoine Faïd (46) on the track via a mobile phone number that is drained. That led to a car, which the officers then back on the trail put of turn an apartment in Creil. After days of observations, the intervention units of the BRI there Wednesday night inside and found there Faïd. In the apartment were also a Uzi machine gun and a revolver found.

The police were looking for the robber after that in July in a spectacular way had escaped from the prison of Réau. An armed commando kidnapped a helicopter pilot, landed on the courtyard and freed Faïd from the ‘ entrance. That was in prison a sentence of 25 years, after he earlier this year was sentenced as the head of a failed robbery on a cash in transit in 2010. In an attempt to escape the shots of the gangsters on the pursuing police. Agent Aurélie Fouquet (26) came to.


Faïd, in France, meanwhile, made a name as a ‘ontsnappingskoning’. In 2013, he escaped once from the prison of Séquedin, near Lille. When verkleedde the robber as a warden, and he made use of binnengesmokkelde explosives. He kidnapped four warders on his way to the outside. Only six months later could Faïd be re-arrested.


In 2010 passed Faïd along all French tv shows, when he has a book with the story of his life released. When he was parole after a previous conviction for armed robbery. “My demons are not asleep, they are dead’, was the charming gangster when the public opinion to convince.

The inspiration for his robberies took Faïd in his own words from movies. ‘Michael Mann (director of ‘Heat’ and ‘The Insider’) was my mentor, my professor. He gave me the manual to a cash in transit to come in, for I knew not at all how it was.’

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