Michael Jackson wanted to be James Bond to play, but was refused

Who will be the next James Bond, who will be on his side of the Bond girl to play: the questions that invariably return time and time again, the rumor mill in motion. Now it turns out that no less a person than the late ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson ever tried to play the role of 007 to decorate – but his design failed. That message is doing the round in the international filmpers.

The names on the tongues go as a potential super spy, are usually those of actors with a fairly high testosterone level: it is now Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, or Henry Cavill? Or is it just Daniel Craig? Few would, however, spontaneously to the frail Michael Jackson think, even in his glory days. It was, however, the pop star, in all seriousness, its sights set on the role, it now appears.

The anecdote is the world made in the new book of Michael Ovitz, the former agent of the singer. Ovitz tells in the book about a meeting in which Jackson explained did how he in addition to his successful music career even movie star wanted to be – as action hero, then.

During the argument, fell Jackson’s hat, however, in a small bowl of guacamole – not conducive for his attempt to be serious to be taken. When the green stuff from Jackson’s hat remained dripping, cracked Ovitz and his partner in laughter. The singer stormed thereon disappointed from the room.

Ovitz had Jackson later, the bad news is that he is absolutely not suitable for the role, because of too small and too sensitive. Jackson made during his career will never be in the film world, he already started a roll as AGent M in “Men in Black II’.

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