Matthijs van Nieuwkerk reveals totem pole, Mies Bouwman

In the presence of children and grandchildren of Mies Bouwman reveals Matthijs van Nieuwkerk Mies totem pole at the Dutch Institute for Image and Sound.

The artwork will remain for at least a year in Picture and Sound. After the death of Mies Bouwman asked The World Runs By Ans Markus, Robin de Puy, Maarten Baas, Bas Kosters, Siegfried Woldhek, Gerti Bierenbroodspot and Marte Röling, a portrait of Mies to create a cube of 80 by 80 centimeters.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is satisfied with the result. “We asked seven artists from different generations, from very different backgrounds, to pay tribute to Mies. I think it’s pretty. Mies deserves it. See the wave of sorrow and dismay that the country was when it became known that she was deceased. They heard from us.”

The idea is a nod to the section of The totem pole that Mies Bouwman in the sixties had, in its own program Mies en Scène, in which she artists invited to jointly create a work of art. Artists such as Jan Wolkers, André Volten and Wim T. Schippers did at the time. Seven of those kunstkubussen formed on stacked a totem pole.

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