Macron accepts yet resigned minister Collomb

PARIS – The French president, Emmanuel Macron, but still agreed to the departure of his minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb. The minister had earlier of his resignation in because he was again mayor of Lyon wants to be, but Macron refused it initially.

Collomb and Macron

Meanwhile, the Macron nevertheless, approval for the dismissal is granted, report to the Elysée. Premier Édouard Philippe is asked to name a suitable successor. In the meantime, he will also Collombs duties as minister of Home Affairs to take over.

Collomb (71), a former figurehead of the socialist party, was from 2001 to may 2017 mayor of Lyon. The new election for the mandate in 2020.

It is not the first time that a minister is departing during the presidency of Macron. Minister of the Environment, Nicolas Hulot and minister of Sport, Laura Flesselles, went Collomb recently. Flesselles away for personal reasons, the field. Hulot stepped out of dissatisfaction with the environmental policies of the government.

The departure of Collomb means a new blow to the reformist president, whose popularity is under pressure. The now forty-Macron made earlier for a revolution by their own volition to form and last year winning the elections. The established political parties had it inspected.

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